96 and still going strong !!!

Image Mr. Ramjeet Raghav, age 96, and his wife have just welcomed their second child into the world. Mr. Raghav, who lives in northern India, is now the proud father of two healthy boys, and claims he is the world’s oldest new father. 

Can we give a shout-out to his wife, Shakuntala, who is 54? That’s pretty old to be getting pregnant and having a baby.

Mr. Raghav says the children are God’s will, and that he had been praying for them. He says it is also God’s will that he is able to have sex three or four times every night! 

Can we give a shout-out to his wife? She can withstand this old bull for the whole night! 

Although, Mr. Raghav may surprise us all and live another 25 years. He’s pretty tough. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that the shirt he is wearing says “No Excuse.” What does that mean? I guess you can figure it out what this old bull is trying to say here. 



for more information on Mr. Raghav visit;




October 22, 2012 · 3:49 pm

2 responses to “96 and still going strong !!!

  1. This is crazy!! I had never heard this before!! I think it’s awesome that you decided to do your blog on things that aren’t really discussed. I enjoy reading all of the interesting points you bring up and they’re exciting to read. Good job!!

  2. Absolutely incredible and extremely interesting to read. It’s a really good topic to post about.

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