A Facebook photo: An irresistible obsession

    Did you know that if you spend the same amount of time you spend on taking and editing your Facebook picture to editing your English work, you could have been a unwavering “A” student? To the regular “Face-bookers”, (people who can’t help checking their Facebook page after every one hour or less) the ability to create an appealing “macho man” or “Barbie girl” is inversely proportional to the number of friends one can have. Let us pause and reflect. You receive a friend request, what is the first thing you check before accepting or rejecting the request? Many “Face-bookers” would admit next to the gender of the person, appearance plays a decisive role in your friend request being “ignored” or “accepted”. The drive to have “hot” Facebook picture has tormented many “Face-bookers” who find themselves spending countless hours “smiling” at mirrors in effort to bring out the best of themselves.

     This obsession has finally has spread from Facebook into family pictures too!  If you are a “Face-booker”, just grab that family photo and see how you were struggling to pose like Beyoncé or Justin Bieber in that church dress or black suit while smiling sheepishly.

   To those of us who find it difficult differentiate Facebook from a dating site, we are normally upset on meeting that “hot” boy or girl physically. Just recently, a friend of mine arranged a date with a supposedly “hot” sweetheart over Facebook. The girl’s Facebook pictures depicted nothing short of a model and my friend ignorantly thought he had finally made a breakthrough with a “hottie” only to realize the “real” girl was nothing compared to what he saw on the pictures, you can just guess how “interesting” the date was then!

     Just remember, photography is a profession, so if you are so obsessed with taking a perfect picture, head to a photo studio instead of wasting valuable time editing that poorly taken photo!




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2 responses to “A Facebook photo: An irresistible obsession

  1. backstagebadger

    This certainly makes one think about how we as human beings objectify each other based solely on looks. Psychologically we’re wired to relate beauty with goodness, you can see it reflected in our children’s stories even. (i.e. Ugly stepsisters, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) It’s a good point and I really like the post you have. Keep it up.

  2. I thought this blog was hilarious, because it’s so true. People spend so much time on Facebook, and they’re always trying to have the best picture possible. People try to do the hot look in the mirror, and people always do look at other peoples pictures before they friend request them.

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