Thoughts Winter Brings to Minds of freshmen.

Hi everybody, I’m a freshman at Wartburg college and would like to dedicate this blog to discussing things we rarely talk about. The topics of my blog post are going to range from social, religious and a bit of global issues to ensure that we are all updated and involved in what is going on around us. However, today I want to discuss about Winter and thoughts a freshman is likely to have during this period.

Winter is just around the corner and most of us have started looking for those winter coats hidden in the basement or deep in the suitcase. The squirrels have started gathering nuts as the famous childhood tale goes, and the birds are retreating to the warmer climates leaving the trees dull and lifeless.   Alas! for an average college student winter is more than a season, it is a period one has to step out of their comfort zones and search for “someone” to spend the winter with, in other words, a girlfriend or a boyfriend! Hey, don’t pretend you were not thinking of getting a partner or you haven’t heard from seniors how important it is to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend during the winter. The “September’s rush”(where everyone tries to get someone)  is now history, but don’t worry, you could still make that long awaited move to that crush or face the hashes of winter alone.  Simple advice, pull yourself together and make that move now or buy an extra warm coat because winter is going to be long and unforgiving.



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4 responses to “Thoughts Winter Brings to Minds of freshmen.

  1. This is a very interesting perspective on what people thinking about doing in preparation for winter. i was wondering why you think it is that people are looking for a significant during this winter period?

  2. It is until now that I looked at a blog and laughed so much! Thanks for the post, I wouldn’t say I necessarily agree with it, but I had a good time reading it. 😛

  3. I like the angle you took on this topic. Doesn’t everyone need someone to cuddle up with during the winter? I enjoyed reading your blog

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